Affiliated to CBSE Delhi.           Admission Open for Classes - Nursery to 9th & 11th(Maths,Bio,Comm).   To submit online form visit Admission Tab.   For any enquiry contact on +91 9838616826.

Intelligence plus character that is the goal of true education - Martin Luther King Jr.       Arise,awake and donot stop until the goal is reached - Swami Vivekananda.



School assembly teaches us life skills in a direct way as well as indirect. Conduct of regular assemblies aim at nurturing the qualities of patience, organization, coordination, listening skills, removal of stage fright, relevant body-language and so on. On particular days, the assemblies are followed by Mass P.T and Yoga Sessions. It serves the larger objective of maintaining the Mind-Body coordination.

Greater Education Programme

The minds of children see no impossibility and to help them stretch their imagination the school has greater educational programmes for them.


The Ambitionacademy School enlists and guides the talents, energies and aspirations of students to higher levels of achievement through opportunities of leadership, constantly nurturing, improving and reforming personalities to take on larger roles at leadership.

Sports and Games

The Pre school will enjoy a dedicated safe and secure play area equipped with slides, swings, a see-saw, a doll house, free slate, outdoor kids' gym and good quality educational toys.

Outdoor Activities

Field trips, visits and excursions will be a regular feature of our school curriculum. Outdoor activities will be planned in accordance to the syllabus being covered in class for hands on learning and experience.


Music education at The Ambitionacademy School aims to introduce young children to the artistic, cultural and scientific foundation of music.


Our school dance programme is an exciting introduction to dance which focuses on fun, creativity and imagination.


Drama is considered to be an important learning tool at The Ambitionacademy. It aims at development of self confidence through expressing and exploring oneself.